Windows 10 Problems


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Since Windows ten was released we have found many strange problems! 

Some of which have turned into major difficulties, Expensive hardware which worked, now with no drivers (manufactures who won’t pay for certification for older hardware drivers) or would like you to purchase newer hardware to make more money, rather than for you to use older but maybe much better equipment.

Excessive CPU usage, reminders popping up all the time, and all the crap you don’t need or want!  AND all the Invasive Communications directly with Microsoft !!

This is a major problem with a laptop as this is reflected in the total battery run time, and if you use a cellular data link it uses your data plan up.

If you use a 64 bit operating system there are many Vista 64 bit drivers that will work with older hardware, you just have to install them a different way this link will help you with that

As for most of the other problems this works “Win 10 Spy Disabler” to remove the junk you don’t want and cut off the unnecessary communications with Microsoft!